Saturday, November 13, 2010

Falling off the Wagon?

This was a pretty rough week for me on the P90X diet front. You see, we’re are on Phase II, Week 4 which is our rest week and resting we have done… Cooking every night is exhausting; going to 3 grocery stores in one day is even more exhausting and doing the workouts seems to put me overboard. Luckily, we have plenty of Recovery Drink in our household as I am addicted to it. SO GOOD! It’s the only reason I do the workouts. Ha, ok, enough of my Tony Horton quotes… 

Anyway, because cooking is so much work we ate at Subway for lunch quite a few times this week. I also skipped a workout on Wednesday and today. We were supposed to go to the gym to run. We have the Warrior Dash next Saturday. I feel so unprepared. I almost don’t want to do it AT ALL but we’ve already registered so we’re ‘pot committed’. Le sigh… 

The hubby and I went to a movie tonight. We saw Due Date and I don’t recommend it. It had its funny moments but I think I would have rather just Redboxed it when it comes out. On the way out, the husband had to pay a visit to the claw machine to win our dog a Smurf plush toy. Hopefully she doesn’t do to this one what she did to the last one…. 

Today’s food has been delicious. We had eggs, hash browns and OJ for breakfast, Subway for lunch, and then I ate an Auntie Anne’s pretzel as a snack. Full of butter and half salt and half cinnamon sugar. It was delish! I shared a couple bites with my husband. I ate some popcorn at the movies and 2 slices of the Meatloaf from the diet plan. The rest of the week was full of this:

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