Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Unknown

Well, I did it! I talked to my Principal today about ending my contract. I am so excited for the opportunities ahead. I told my students today and they thought I was lying. Hehe, I guess I tell them I am going to quit all too often. Not sure when my last day is but hopefully I'll know by Friday.

After work I came home tired, as always, but got my second wind. I was able to knock out some laundry, go eat with the hubs and take Lola for a walk. Maybe tomorrow I could even go get a workout in? Eh, probably not.

Speaking of second wind…. Look what my hubby is in the process of making us:  <3 Lurve!

It’s so awesome. I had no idea he has mad skills like this but I already have tons of projects planned for him. Has anyone seen She is amazing! I already have plans for him to build me Amanda’s scrapbook room , and a shoe rack, and a coffee table… Seriously, my list goes on and on. Can’t wait!!!

I think that walk made me sleepy… Good night!

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